Twentyfive Twitter Tips

Here are some general Twitter etiquette guidlines.

1. Follow people who follow you – then unfollow those who spam

2. Retweet good information to spread the word

3. Consider a 10:1 ratio – promoting 10 tweets belonging to other people for every 1 self-promoting tweet you send out

4. Reply to your followers to show you’re interested in what they’re saying

5. Don’t try to read every tweet. You’ll end up with a headache and waste a lot of time.

6. Follow people of all walks of life, not just the “in” crowd

7. Create a custom background & add your photo or an image that represents you. It makes you seem more ‘real’ to others

8. When writing your tweets, try to leave extra space so others can retweet it

9. If stats are important to you, use a tool like or to track them

10. Keep hashtags short so others can retweet them

11. Invite your subscribers and customers to Twitter & offer them something special for joining

12. Invite your twitter followers to join you on other social networking sites

13. When using affiliate links, say so

14. Use a service like to follow a group of people talking about a certain topic

15. Need new ideas for articles and blog posts? Ask questions on Twitter & pull topics from the replies

16. Don’t repeat your tweets more than a couple times a day

17. If you find someone you really enjoy following, tweet about them so others can enjoy their tweets too

18. Always respond to “mentions” to show it was appreciated

19. Provide value to conversations and retweet relevant information

20. Tweet regularly for best results

21. Always be nice and be you. Don’t try to be something you’re not

22. Make the most of your bio area; use keywords that best describe you

23. Consider your image before choosing a twitter name

24. People are more apt to retweet if your tweets are short, interesting and you use hashtags

25. Before you start Twittering, decide if you want to mix business with pleasure. If not, create two accounts

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