How To Communicate On Twitter

Step 1: Reading Your Twitter Timeline

You’ve followed a few people and want to find out what they’ve tweeted. To read your twitter time line, simply log in, hit the home link at the top and scroll down. When you reach the bottom, click the “more” button to see earlier tweets. Repeat as often as you’d like.

Step 2: Adding Tweets

In your initial setup, you probably followed a few people. In order to get people to follow you, you’ll need to start tweeting or adding your own messages. To tweet, just type your message in the box, up to 140 characters – including spaces, and press the tweet button.

Step 3: How To Reply To A Tweet

When you find a tweet you’d like to reply to, mouse over the bottom right corner and several buttons appear. Click reply to respond to the comment or question.

You will be taken to the tweet box at the top of your screen where the name of the person will automatically appear (@HomeschoolPlus). Add a message to the person who wrote the original tweet in your timeline and press Tweet. You’ve just made a reply.

If you just want to make a comment to someone that is not related to a tweet, you can go to the tweet box and add @theirusername and just type your message.

Step 4: How To Read @ Replies

Not everyone who makes a comment or reply to your tweet can be seen on your home page. Only the people you follow can be seen in there. Ignoring the people/mentions you don’t follow is bad for business so you’ll want to make sure you read those as well. After all, they are potential clients, customers, and followers.

In order to see the tweets that mention your name, simply click on your @name in the sidebar. There you will see everyone who replied to you, even if you don’t follow them. Reply to these as usual.

Step 5: Retweets

There are two ways to retweet a message. You can use the retweet button or do it manually.

Automatic Retweets

To retweet automatically, simply click the retweet link found when you mouse over the bottom left corner of a tweet and then confirm by clicking the yes button.

Manual Retweets

To retweet manually, go to the tweet box at the top of the screen type in RT (space) @theusersname (space) and the original tweet, with or without a comment like “cool” as seen below.

Unless you want to include a comment, it’s probably better to use the Retweet button.

Step 6: Keeping Tabs On Retweets

Keeping up with retweets can be very important. To do this, click on “Retweets” in the sidebar. You’ll be able to check retweets by others, retweets you made, and your retweets, retweeted.
Retweets By Others – When you follow people (sometimes called tweeple) and what to check out what they have retweeted, click on the “Retweets” button in the sidebar. You’ll get a list of retweets from everyone you follow.
Retweets By You – To find out what offers or items you’ve retweeted to your readers, click the “Retweets By You” tab. This helps you to space things out so you don’t retweet the same offers or messages too often and helps to make sure that you tweeted a time sensitive offer.

Your Tweets, Retweeted – If you reward affiliates or contest entrants for retweeting you need some way to keep up with who retweeted something you wrote.

Step 7: Direct Messages

There are actually two forms of direct messages, public and private. A public direct message just involves typing the @ (at symbol) directly in front of the user name like @tools4teachers. When you use this method, the two parties do not have to be following each other to see the message in their mention or @ timelines. In the case of the private direct message, both parties must be following each other to see the message in the DM or direct message area.

To send a private direct message:

• Click the direct messages link in the sidebar.
• Use the dropdown arrow next to Send to choose the recipient.
• Type the message as usual.
• Click on the Send button.

The sent message will show up in the sent “folder”. Click the sent tab to see all sent messages.

When someone replies to your DM (direct message) you will be able to see it in the side bar. To read the message, just click on the DM link in the sidebar and you will be taken directly to the inbox.

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