How To Fine Tune Settings & Profile

If you are new to Twitter you will appreciate these basic guidelines to set up your Twitter profile. Think of keywords you want to include in your biography and work them in. Use a memorable image for your profile image. This will be seen every time you post and when folks see your profile on Twitter.

Step 1: Fine-tune Settings
To fine-tune your account settings, click on the Settings link in the top right of the screen. You’ll automatically be taken to the account section.

Double check the information there and add or adjust any that are important:
• Add or adjust your local time zone for accurate updates.
• Location – Add location if it’s important to your target market.
• Privacy setting – If you protect your tweets, you lose some of the advantage of having a twitter account; however, there may be some circumstances where it would be appropriate. Do not protect your account if you aren’t sure which to choose.
Click save.

Step 2: Fine-tune Your Profile

• Click the profile link at the top of the screen.
• Replace the default picture. Browse your computer and upload a small picture of yourself or a business logo to help followers spot your tweets easily.
• Add your location. Be as general or specific as you like.
• Add your website url.
• Add a short bio that includes keywords to describe yourself and tweet topics.
• Click save and you’re finished with fine-tuning your profile.

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