Should I Have More Than One Twitter Account?

In case you haven’t heard, Twitter is the newest thing since sliced bread. It can be used for personal enjoyment and also for business applications. If you are one of the people who want to use it for dual purposes, is it okay to have more than one Twitter account?

 Let’s examine the pros and cons of this situation. With Twitter it is possible to have as many accounts as you need. You can set them up to suit your needs.

 Twitter is a way to keep in touch with people in real time. You can tell them that you are making pot roast for dinner if you wish and they can counter back that they are making the same thing. It is used mostly for personal use to say what you are thinking at the moment so anyone who wants to can learn what you are thinking too.

 But, Twitter has been useful for business enterprises who want to connect with people in a more immediate fashion. Talk to staff, clients or the entire cyberspace world to let them know what you are all about.

 Now, let’s get down to brass tacks. Here are the pros and cons as to whether you should have more than one Twitter account.


 When working with companies, especially those on the Internet, contact can become cold and unfeeling. With Twitter, business users have found a way to “humanize” themselves. They can show another side of themselves so clients and customers can see that they are not just a giant, faceless entity. Some people want to know that you make pot roast for dinner or take your kids to the park.

 To that end, one Twitter account can be used to accomplish that task. Sending personal tweets and business tweets on the same account is not a problem for those who want to achieve this sort of image. They relate to clients in a relaxed, friendly way to put them at ease.


 Some people prefer to separate their business and personal lives. That goes for their Twitter account as well. Depending on how much of a Twitterer you are, you might be following all sorts of users: celebrities, old pals from school or others. With one account, your clients can follow these tweets as well if they desire.

 This can be a not so good thing if you are not discretionary in your contacts. While you want to seem personable, a client or potential customer can know too much about you. They want to know that you can be trusted and not whether you wear boxers or briefs to bed.

 Some people find it easier to have more than one account. The pressure to censor their tweets or who they follow is an added task that doesn’t have to be dealt with if there is more than one Twitter account in use. There are a variety of tools available for Twitter users to make it easy to manage multiple accounts. The choice is yours.

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