Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Twitter Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Do you want to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool? If so, it is important to proceed with caution. Developing a brand on Twitter is important, but if you are not careful, that brand could come with a bad reputation. So, what are the biggest Twitter dos and don’ts?

Do register for a free account and now. Unfortunately, many new businesses put off registering for a free account. Yes, there are no guarantees that your Tweet messages will lead to increased traffic or income, but you won’t know until you try.

Do not send personal messages to potential clients. Do you already have a Twitter account for personal communications? If so, do not send personal messages to prospective clients or site visitors. This is very unprofessional. If you are trying to sell a product, don’t talk about how much fun you had at a college party.

Do create two separate accounts for personal and business use. As previously stated, avoid sending personal messages to prospective clients. You can send private messages to your friends and family, but this can be a time consuming process. Instead, create two separate accounts, as you will save time and there will be no confusion.

Do not spam. Spam is a big violation on Twitter. You may find your account banned. If that wasn’t bad enough, think about the consequences. Your name, website, and products may be attached to your messages, resulting in a bad reputation.

Do use clever forms of advertising. Spamming is prohibited on Twitter, but advertisements are allowed in moderation. If you do not abuse the privilege, you will not find trouble. Even still, use clever forms of advertising. Instead of highlighting your services as a professional web content writer (for example), ask readers to review your samples or give you input on your rates. Be sure to include a link.

Do not pressure your followers to buy. Your followers are those who signed up to receive your Tweet updates. They chose to do so of their own free will; however, they can also choose to end these updates. That is why no pressure should be applied. Users do not want to feel used; therefore, use clever forms of advertising, as there is less pressure.

Do include a link. When sending Twitter updates to followers, include a link. Do not over abuse links, but use them to your advantage. Once again, it is important to be clever. Do not spam your followers with advertisements highlighting your writing service rates. Instead, answer the Twitter question of what are you doing. Your message could say “Writing articles for a client.” Then, insert your link. You aren’t soliciting business, but making it know you work for hire.

Do not send late night tweets. It is no secret that home based and online workers work flexible hours. Yes, many may work the traditional 9-5, but others are up till the early morning hours. If you are one of those individuals, know that most are not on the same schedule. For that reason, avoid late night Tweets. Followers with mobile web alerts may be awoken from sleep.

Do visit and use @replies to your advantage. Many people Tweet about what they are doing, but others ask questions. With a search, you can find members who are looking to buy a product you may sell, looking for a service you may offer, or looking for advice you may offer on your website or blog. If so, send an @reply with a personal message and a link.

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